CM Punjab Kisan Card Online Apply 2024 by CNIC

In a significant move towards empowering the backbone of our nation, the Punjab government has introduced a groundbreaking initiative, the “CM Punjab Kisan Card”. This step is taken by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz and Food Minister Bilal Yasin. This initiative is not merely a card; it’s a promise, a commitment to the welfare and prosperity of Punjab’s farmers.

What is the CM Punjab Kisan Card?

The CM Punjab Kisan Card is a revolutionary step towards providing farmers with comprehensive support and benefits. This card isn’t just a piece of plastic; it’s a gateway to a plethora of services and assistance that the government is offering to the farmers. The card will help small farmers in the buying of new seeds and equipment. This card is also a beacon of hope for farmers. As government announced the price of wheat between 4000 to 5000 per 40 kg. But still, the government is not able to buy the wheat from the farmers. They also announced protests along with their kids, wives, and cattle.

Key Features of the CM Punjab Kisan Card:

  1. Financial Assistance: Under this scheme, farmers will receive financial assistance directly into their bank accounts. This assistance is aim at supporting farmers during crucial phases of farming such as sowing, cultivation, and harvesting.
  2. Crop Insurance: The CM Punjab Kisan Card also offers crop insurance. Ensuring that farmers are protected against any unforeseen calamities that may affect their crops.
  3. Subsidies on Inputs: From seeds to fertilizers, from machinery to pesticide. The CM Punjab Kisan Card ensures that farmers get subsidies on all essential inputs required for farming.
  4. Access to Government Schemes: One of the most significant advantages of the CM Punjab Kisan Card is that it provides farmers with easy access to various government schemes aimed at their welfare. This includes schemes related to irrigation, soil health, and more.
  5. Easy Documentation: Obtaining the CM Punjab Kisan Card is hassle-free. Farmers need to provide basic documentation, and they can avail themselves of all the benefits of the card.
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The Impact of the CM Punjab Kisan Card:

The introduction of the CM Punjab Kisan Card has already started to significantly impact the lives of Punjab’s farmers. Here’s how:

  1. Financial Security: By providing financial assistance and crop insurance, the Kisan Card has brought a sense of security to the farming community. Farmers can now focus on their work without constantly worrying about financial risks.
  2. Increased Productivity: With access to subsidies on inputs and other essential services, farmers can now afford better quality seeds, fertilizers, and machinery. This has led to increased productivity and better-quality crops.
  3. Empowerment: The CM Punjab Kisan Card is not just about providing financial assistance; it’s about empowering farmers. By giving them easy access to government schemes and services, the card is ensuring that farmers have the tools they need to succeed.


The introduction of the Kisan Card is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go. The government must continue to work towards the welfare and prosperity of Punjab’s farmers, ensuring that they have all the support they need to thrive. You can also track your application on the Ehsaas Tracking Portal.

With initiatives like the Kisan Card, we are not just supporting our farmers; we are investing in the future of agriculture in Punjab. This is not just a card; it’s a symbol of hope, progress, and prosperity for Punjab’s farming community.

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