UK Health Card GHIC Online Apply 2023

Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right for every individual, regardless of where they reside. In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS) plays a pivotal role in providing healthcare services to its residents. One of the key components of this healthcare system is the UK Health Card, a crucial document. It ensures individuals receive the medical attention they need without unnecessary hurdles. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the UK Health Card and how it simplifies your healthcare journey.

Understanding the UK Health Card

The Quami Health Card 2023, officially known as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), and later as the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) after Brexit. It is a testament to the UK’s commitment to providing healthcare access to its residents. As well as citizens of certain other countries. This card allows individuals to access medical treatment in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries at the same cost as residents of those nations. You can also check your Ireland Health Card.

UK Health Card

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Healthcare Access Abroad: If you’re a UK resident or citizen, the UK Health Card serves as your gateway to healthcare services. When you’re traveling or residing in EU/EEA countries. It covers necessary medical treatments and emergencies during your stay.
  2. Reduced Costs: With the UK Health Card, you won’t have to worry about exorbitant medical bills while receiving treatment abroad. You’ll be charged the same rates as locals in the country you’re visiting, minimizing financial strain during an already stressful situation.
  3. Peace of Mind: Whether traveling for leisure, business, or study, having a UK Health Card provides peace of mind. You can explore new places and engage in activities without worrying about unforeseen medical expenses.
  4. Continued Chronic Treatment: If you’re receiving ongoing medical treatment for chronic conditions, the Sehat Health Card ensures you won’t face disruptions. This is particularly important for individuals who require regular medical attention.
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Eligibility and Application Process

Eligibility for the GHIC Health Card varies based on your residency status. UK citizens and specific categories of immigrants are generally eligible. The application process is straightforward and can be completed online through the official government website. After filling out the required information, you’ll receive your card via mail. You can also track your ghic health card on Ehsaas Tracking 8171 Web Portal 2023.

UK Health Card

Important Considerations

  1. Card Renewal: UK Health Cards need to be renewed periodically. Ensure you keep track of the expiration date and apply for renewal in advance.
  2. Non-Medical Services: It’s essential to note that the UK Health Card only covers necessary medical treatments. Non-medical services, such as repatriation or private healthcare, are not included.
  3. Brexit Implications: After the UK’s departure from the EU, the card was changed to the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), which provides similar benefits as the EHIC. Make sure you’re aware of the specific terms and conditions associated with the new card.

Ehic Contact Number

You can call any time if you are facing any error or resistance while using the ehic card UK—0300 330 1350 from the UK or +44 191 279 0575 from abroad.

You can also physically visit from Monday to Friday to EHIC office. In addition, you can also email them at the following address [email protected].


The UK Health Card, now known as the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), is a crucial asset for anyone living in or traveling to the UK and EU/EEA countries. It offers peace of mind, reduced financial burden, and access to necessary medical treatments. It ensures that healthcare remains a seamless and accessible aspect of your life. By understanding its benefits and requirements, you can confidently navigate the world of healthcare, knowing that you’re protected wherever your journeys take you.

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